Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh cofffffeeeeee how i loooooovveeee youuuuuuu

The wonders of coffee.
I can think again!

Now that im back into the rhythm of things again, it's time to step it up a notch.


Let's just hope i can remember to write in it :)

(Sorry about the multiple posts)

Now I'm full of energy.
Hopefully enough to get me through the three tests i have today :/

I'm also trying to drink as much water as possible, without having to pee like every five minutes. I'm going to attempt not to eat anything more than 4 ryvita crackery things for the rest of the day. Possibly a biscuit or an orange if i need it.

The days of snacking are about to be long gone!
(I'm feeling very self-righteous on this fine, rainy morning)

I could sit here mellowing in my thoughts all day, but i think it's time a left for school...

Be Safe, Be Strong, Be Happy :)
Xx. Lillie
One kilo down, four to go.
So close yet so far away.

I should be studying for yet another test, but i don't want to.


I have lost the ability to write what's in my head.
Probably because i don't know what's going on in there myself :)

Ugh. I can feel all the fat, i want it all to be gone. 

Ok, new topic.

Nope. My brain has gone blank.
It's going to be one of those days..

This is going nowhere.
I'll post something a bit more coherent later.

Xx. Lillie

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sometimes i feel as though I'm all talk and no action.

I've said this a trillion times before.

But this time, this time will be different.

I really believe it.

I have to.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The 'Carry Things Round' Plan

Ok so I'm trying a new thing.

It's called the "Carry things round Plan"
(Inventive name, I know)

From this moment on, i will adhere to these rules as best i can.
1. I must prepare the food i eat (i.e no more grabbing food from the fridge)
2. I must carry a water bottle with me at all times (yay! for water!)
3. I must write down everything i eat in my groovy little 'write down what you eat book'
4. I must have water with all meals.
5. I must eat slowwwwwwwer.
5. NO SNACKSIES! (This is the main point of all these rules. No snacking, as snacking leads to lotsandlots of food ending up in my stomach. I have no idea how it happens, but it always does.)

Tomorrow is another day full of assignments and test-studying, but somewhere in my day I'll find time to go for a run (how i love running, and singing at the top of my lungs in the middle of nowhere whilst on my run- did i mention that? Oh well, i have now :)

Well, i want to get up at four to get the best out of my Sunday, so I had better be off to bed soon.

Not quite yet. 

Argh, four hours of ballet after ten days overseas with no ballet can kill a person.


I am in quite an odd mood tonight.

Goodnight all. 

Be Good, Be Strong, Enjoy not studying (because I can't)
Xx. Lillie

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I feel like I've changed a lot since my trip overseas, and i felt like the changes should not just be reflected in my real life, but in my online accounts of it as well. 

I didn't want to just change my old blog, I felt like i needed a completely different dress, not just a few alterations. 

A few things about the new me:
1. I am no longer afraid of people. 
2. I am more organised. 
3. I'm slowly getting thinner. 

I get back from overseas only to find i have four tests and five assignments all due within the next week. The old me would be stressing, but the new me knows that if i plan my time efficiently, I will get it all done with time to spare. I don't have classes tomorrow because the entire school day is going to be dedicated to religious education (oh joy) and so I have taken the opportunity to get ahead on my schoolwork instead. I'm about to type up a schedule for tomorrow to make sure I get everything done. 
Here's to organisation!

The new me also has a new email address, and the new me is also looking for someone to inspire, and someone to be inspired by in return. So if you should wish to aid me in my ever-going quest for perfection, let me know, and i shall be all to happy to reply (

I know my new blog is a bit bare at the moment, but I'll add more bit by bit until I'm happy with it. 

It's never to late to start being who you want to be. 

Xx. Lillie